Making Fliss’ Foxgloves

The Foxgloves cardigan was one of many firsts for me: my first Kate Davies design, my first bit of crochet, my first time knitting and cutting a steek. I also found the pattern during my first visit to Yarndale.

The design is actually that of an adult sized cardigan, but I wanted to use the beautiful yoke in a child sized cardigan, so I adapted it. I use Ann Budd’s The knitter’s handy book of sweater patterns reasonably regularly, and it was easy enough to use a child sized circular yoke sweater pattern. I kept Kate Davies’ neat edging (another technique which was new to me) and simply added the yoke once I’d joined the arms to the body and knitted a couple of stabilising rounds. I also simplified the colour scheme, using only three colours instead of five.

I am not a knitwear designer. If I were, I wouldn’t have had to knit the yoke twice (I added it in too high the first time). I do, however, love adapting patterns to suit my own needs. You have to be prepared to rip out mistakes, but it’s only knitting.

I suspect that Fliss’ Foxgloves is not as perfect as an adult one would have been, had I followed Kate Davies’ pattern throughout. Not only are her designs lovely, but her instructions are meticulous and she provides a range of tutorials on her website which filled me with confidence. Learn to crochet a protective edge? Of course.  Cut into my stranded colour work? Absolutely!

So it’s no coincidence that the next two pullovers I have lined up are from the same book, Yokes. One will be another translation to a child’s (and boy’s, at that) jumper. The other will be a faithful rendition of an adult pattern. I can’t wait. In fact, the first is already begun.