I’m not a great one for following patterns. I know what I want to make, and working out how to do so is, in my mind, the most exciting part of the process. Sometimes (well, often) my directions might come across as a little bit vague, to say the least. You won’t find step by step instructions, with photos of each stage, on this blog.

What you will find is a heartfelt plea to have a go. It’s only making stuff, and it really doesn’t matter if things go wrong. Obviously don’t cut up that heirloom quilt just to see what might happen, but do cut up the clothes your children have worn out, or other everyday materials. Whatever you make will be all the more beautiful, in your eyes at least, for being what you dreamed up.

Making Fliss’s Foxgloves

Making Seb’s Stars

A Quilt for a Much Loved Toy

A Summer and Winter Quilt

Making my peonies dress

Flour paste

Seb’s spring shirts

Making my Fair Isle Allover