Small pleasures

This little bonnet took an inordinate amount of time to knit – or rather, not knit. February wasn’t a particularly productive month, what with all the other commitments we had as a family, and in the end I spent a couple of very pleasant days over half term finishing off a few odds and ends. As well as helping Fliss with her Jane Eyre dress, I sewed through the remainder of the projects I cut out in January, and had the pleasure of wearing my new tulip skirt to work yesterday. Best of all though, I spent a few hours in the bay window at the front of our house, listening to dramas on the radio and finishing this new baby gift.

Of course, now that I’ve made it, I think I’ve enough wool left over to make an even tinier version, too. It’ll look good in blue, with a white trim and strap.

There are a few more projects that I’d like to complete between now and Easter, because my lovely aunt in Scotland sent me home with two bags of fleece last weekend. Come Easter you’ll find me skirting, sorting and washing these. They came with plenty of lichen, and what with the elderberries that I never made into syrup, and the bag of avocado skins I’ve been amassing, there’s lots of dyeing on the horizon.

Before I get to that, though, there are a few other odds and ends that need using up. I’ve had my fill of colourwork knitting, having done so much of it over the past few months, so I’m going to crochet these piles of leftovers into a couple of snoods. There’s a ball of mustard yellow on its way to lift this little pile:

and a bigger crochet hook to enable me to crochet all three strands of these yarns at once.

It seems that I won’t get around to making another Winter Flora this spring, and while part of me feels that I ought to, another part of me just wants to play with these colours in a different (and quicker) way. And that’s okay. After all, hobbies are meant to be a pleasure, not a chore.

One very definite pleasure is the book on my bedside table this week, lent to me by a friend. The night I started it I stayed up far too late, reading long after my bedtime. As a result, I’ve set it aside as my weekend treat, when I can finish in long greedy gulps.

Between the fleeces, a good book and a spot of patchwork in the evenings, I’ve a lot to look forward to at the moment. Really, nine tenths of pleasure is in the anticipation. With that in mind, I’ve set aside half an hour this afternoon to start one of those yarny projects with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle, and I just can’t wait. Small pleasures, but pleasures nonetheless.


Joining in with Ginny’s Yarn Along at Small Things.

What are you reading at the moment? Any recommendations?

8 thoughts on “Small pleasures”

  1. Oh, it was fun finding you blog! I was so relating as I read through all the things you hoped to do, but they all did not get done. We share some of the same interests…even to the bag of avocado seeds/skins, mine are hanging in my pantry waiting for a dye bath one day in the future. And I just made a batch of elderberry syrup and threw the seeds out to the birds! Did not think of dyeing with them!!!
    Last month my daughter and I made a regency dress for an English Country dress she attended(music, dances, and costumes of the Jane Austen period).
    Sweet knitted baby hat. Is it cold where you live? I have yet to knit a baby hat, but I have made baby bonnets as gifts from batiste fabric and smocked them.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Cathy – and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s not especially cold here, but it’s about 4-8 celcius most days so not exactly tropical! I’d definitely put a baby in a bonnet to keep warm…

      It does sound as though we have a lot of shared interests. Your bonnets sounds gorgeous. I’ve never smocked anything, but it is on my ‘one day’ list.

  2. I love book recommendations! Thank you. I will check it out. I am currently reading “Less” by Andrew Sean Greer. It won the Pulitzer Prize. I like it very much, but I’m not sure it deserves the win. I would like to see your wool after it’s dyed. I’m curious to see what shades it takes from the berries and skins.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation – I’ll reserve that at the library! I’ll definitely post some pictures of the dyed wool, and probably of the rest of the process too.

    1. Definitely. I made a start on the second bonnet this afternoon, and suspect it’ll be the last thing I knit for a while. The book is really good. I also listened to The Silence of the Girls recently (Pat Barker, also brilliant), and might reread the Penelopiad next.

  3. Love the bonnet! So sweet. I’m currently working through a wee pile of sewing and darning repairs to keep my hands busy – mindless but very satisfying!

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