Introducing Snow Day, completely free

Snow Day is now available as a pay-for pattern via Ravelry.

My first commercially-available knitting pattern is ready for release. May I introduce you to Snow Day? A simple, modern textured knit, Snow Day is a sweater pattern aimed at beginners and experienced knitters alike.

I demand a lot of my knitwear. It needs to be flattering. It needs thoughtful details, to make it stand out from the crowd. If intended to be worn in the depths of winter, as Snow Day is, it needs to be warm. But it also needs to be soft and robust and made of natural materials. The Snow Day jumper ticks all those boxes, and I have to admit, I love it.

It is also, dare I say, very stylish. What with its elegant boat neck and bobble-stitch texture on the front, it brings together some of the most timeless elements of what we’re wearing now. The notches on the side seams, along with the longer back section, echo many of the sweaters available from high end stores. And those ribbed sleeves, particularly when knitted long with thumb-holes to pull over your hands, are the cosiest I’ve ever had. It is most certainly fit for a day in the snow.

This is a sweater with a mission. This is a First Sweater: the sweater that newer knitters can accomplish well and without tears. All my care and expertise lie behind each detail: the simple breadth of the neckline that requires no picking up of stitches, the easy-to-attach drop sleeves. I’ve said it before: if you can knit and purl and cast on and bind off, you can make this. Because those are the only prerequisite skills.

As promised, the pattern is written twice. First, each instruction is written in the standard knitting-pattern format. Then, beneath each coded direction, is the translation. Each italicised translation contains the same instruction written out in full, and extra information on how to accomplish it.

There are also five tutorials waiting to be published on consecutive Fridays, taking the beginner through each stage of the construction. We begin, this Friday, with choosing yarn and needles and making a swatch. I’ve deliberately left enough time for your parcel to arrive in the post. Then we move on through the back, the front, the sleeves and, finally, the making up. With every instruction comes a photograph, showing exactly what you need to do. Not that any of it is complicated. As I say, if you have basic knitting skills, you can definitely make this jumper.

Once I’d knit my handspun prototype, I cast on again in a different size and the recommended yarn. I could not be more pleased with the Drops Alaska. The springiness of the wool, combined with the round 3-ply yarn, results in a texture that positively pops. Fliss put it on for her photoshoot, and I had to persuade her out of it at bedtime. It is soft and thick and warm, and looks lovely with a t-shirt or blouse peeping above that sweeping neckline. Hers is knit in the smallest size – 32″ – and perfectly appropriate for a girl approaching her teens. Her version looks playful and modern and sweet.

Knit up in a neutral and worn without the tee, it is a far more grown-up affair. I’ve been wearing mine both ways. In fact, I’ve barely taken it off since the shoot.

John took the photographs on the beach at Sandsend, last Saturday afternoon. The waves were huge, egged on by the equinox, and as the only sunlight was in the shallow water, I pulled my wellies on and waded in. Needless to say, it wasn’t long until a particularly big wave got me, and for the second half of the shoot I was soaked from the waist down.

Which only goes to show what a versatile jumper this is. Throw on a gilet and a snood and I was toasty, despite the sloshing in my boots. From elegant to everyday to layered up for a chilly afternoon by the sea, this jumper fits the bill.

If you’d like to make one yourself, the pattern will be available completely free from Friday 28 September until Wednesday 31 October. The online tutorials will remain free, on this blog, indefinitely. You can take as much or as little time over this as you please.

I, for one, won’t be hanging around. There’s nothing I want to do more, in October, than curl up with a good pattern and a basket of yarn. If you feel the same way, pop back to the blog on Friday and leave a comment, and I’ll send you the pattern as a free PDF. My treat. And in the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing all the different Snow Days produced in the weeks to come. I hope you’ll join us.

NB From 1 November 2018 onwards, the pattern will be downloadable directly from its Ravelry page.

299 thoughts on “Introducing Snow Day, completely free”

    1. Hi Deb, no, not too late at all. The pattern is free until the end of the month. It’ll be with you later on today. Thanks!

  1. I absolutely love this sweater! It looks very nice and elegant, especially with the longer back piece! I’d love to get the pattern

  2. You have inspired me to give knitting another try. My past experiences have not been enjoyable.
    I’m hoping for a turn around with this project. Thank you.

    1. Oh, I really hope you enjoy knitting this. Do remember to come back for the Friday knitalong tutorials if you need photos and extra instructions. And if you’re still stuck, feel free to drop me a comment or email, and I’ll be happy to help.

    1. When I was designing it, I did imagine cosying up at home on a snowy day, and casting on. I hope you enjoy doing just that!

  3. This is a lovely sweater and it is very generous of you to share it with us. I am looking forward to adding it to my list of finished projects. Thank you.

  4. This is just an adorable pattern, so simple yet detailed with the lovely bobbles! Love the lines shorter in the front and longer in the back and the neck line is very flattering. I would love this pattern. Thank you😊

    1. Thanks for telling me exactly what you like about it; that’s really helpful. I hope you enjoy making and wearing it!

  5. This is a very lovely sweater!
    I’ve had to begin making myself tops and sweaters as I can’t seem to find any that fit me properly. I can’t wait to start this one!
    Thank you.

    1. This should fit fine – just measure yourself before choosing a size and allow 1-2″ of positive ease. Let me know how it goes!

  6. I’ve been wanting to knit a sweater for a long time. This sounds like the perfect first sweater. I’m so excited to start! Thank you 🙂

    1. It has been put together as a First Sweater pattern, so I hope you enjoy it. Make sure you come back and use the tutorials every week. Let me know how you get on.

  7. What a beautiful blog you have created! I love the generosity of spirit you have created within your community. I would love to receive your PDF. Your jumper is quite lovely, and though in Deep South Central Texas we don’t have long winters or very cold ones it will be worn until our days warm up. Thank you.

    1. I’ve benefitted so much from free patterns and tutorials over the years, so it’s nice to give something back. I hope you enjoy wearing it – the thought of short, mild winters is a lovely one!

  8. What a great pattern! I would love to start knitting it right now – but for any reason I’m not able to find the “download button”. It seems I have to wait – grrr – for this feature, unfortunately I am not known.

    1. Thanks. I love neutrals in the autumn, although I know I’ll be itching to knit and sew with colours in the dark days of February…

  9. I would love a copy of your lovely Snow Day! I know my granddaughters would love one as would I. It’s such a lovely sweater. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. This pattern is so pretty and I have a grand daughter who would love it 🙂
    I have saved the original pattern to my library, but am assuming there won’t be an update for the pdf in that way. Thank you for this lovely design.


  11. So I didn’t see my original comment from earlier today. I would love to work on this beautiful sweater and add to my minimal but every growing handknit wardrobe with something this beautiful. Please send me the pattern.

    1. Thank you. That’s just what I was aiming for. I think even First Jumpers should be interesting and beautiful, so I hope this fits the bill.

  12. Hello, think I might have already posted but am excited as this would be my first sweater…great to have piece by piece guidance! Thx for sharing your skills!

    1. Thank you! I will be looking out for someone wearing a Snow Day from now on… You’ll have to let me know what colour to look out for!

  13. Absolutely love this jumper… Would love to get the pattern if possible. And of course thank you so much for bringing us this pattern… And For free… Wow!!!

  14. I love this sweater and I keep trying to post a comment since I would love to get the pattern so I can try this as my first ever sweater. It would be a great Christmas present.

    PS. Sorry if all my comments do eventually post. This is the first time I’ve been inspired to leave a comment on a blog so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

    1. Hi Teresa, I’m delighted that I’ve inspired you to leave a comment for the first time! First-time comments need to be approved by me, that’s all. If you try to comment again, it’ll post straight away.

      The pattern will be coming yours – and everyone else’s – way later today!

    1. If you’re worried about making a sweater, then this is the pattern for you! Come back every Friday for tutorials with photos, and leave a comment if you have any questions.

  15. I too have not had success with sweaters mostly knit socks and shawls but this pattern is beautiful. I want to try again. Thank you

  16. Oh I’ll love knitting this one for myself! Beautiful pattern:) Already have the perfect yarn for it, also Drops Alpaca 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing it!

  17. Saw this on Ravelry and loved it! My daughter and I are going to knit it together as she’s never made a jumper. Thanks so much!

    1. Great! I have designed this as a First Sweater, and she’ll have no problems with an experienced knitter by her side! There will be tutorials here every Friday too, if she needs them. Best of luck!

    1. I hope your hip replacement goes well and that you recover quickly. I, too, would be gathering projects to keep my hands busy during convalescence.

  18. Oh this is lovely. I can’t wait to see it released. To see everyone else’s colour choices will be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to get this pattern. ❤

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m really hoping that people will post photos of their Snow Days in progress and once completed. I’d love to see them all!

  19. absolutely gorgeous sweater! looks amazing on you and I can hardly wait to make one for myself. Looking forward to the release of the pattern this Friday – thank you for inspiring me.

  20. Absolute love it ! Already stash diving for the perfect color 🙂 Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for gifting your pattern !

  21. Very nice! I like how it combines different kinds of stitches and makes a cohesive and beautiful piece. Sounds like a good first sweater project too!

  22. Adore! The bobbles are delightful and the rugged look of the ribbed sleeves is a wonderful contrast and complements them perfectly. Would love a copy!

  23. It’s so beautiful! It’s exactly what a girl needs to feel pretty on a cold day! Can’t wait to pull out the needles! Many, many thanks for sharing & exciting us about what we can create!

    1. I’m still undecided about the bobbles, but I like the ribbing in the sleeves and the uneven hem. I’ll try the bobbles, but won’t guarantee that I’ll keep them.

      1. Actually, the pattern gives instructions for leaving them out, because I know they’re not everyone’s thing. Glad you like the hem though – that was a must-have feature for me.

  24. Cheers looking forward to making, well going I can may I express a sincere thank you for sharing this pattern with all of us sure helps

    Looking forward to sharing and growing in knitting skills

    Once again sincere thank you

    1. Not ‘possibly’, but ‘definitely’! Make use of the knitalong tutorials every Friday – they’ll make it easy for you.

  25. What a lovely sweater. I am teaching my granddaughter to knit this winter and she will love it! Since I will be teaching, I will have to ‘force’ myself to knit one too in order to demo. 🙂

    Saving to my Rav favorites! Thank you for a beautiful creation


  26. What a beautiful sweater! I just had a look at my favourite online yarn shop and found two gorgeous colours of Drops Alaska just waiting to be knit into this sweater – either No 45 light olive or No 58 mustard. I’m looking forward to Friday! Thank you for this pattern!

  27. Oh my what a fabulous pattern……
    I have some yarn that will be perfect for this. I would love a copy of the pattern please. I can’t wait to get started.

    1. It’ll be gorgeous in that colour. I was very tempted by it, but let Fliss choose for herself. I ended up really liking the grey-pink. X

  28. Oooh! Such a gorgeous sweater! I am so excited to make this! I haven’t made any sweaters yet, but I can’t wait to get started!

  29. I am so looking forward to learning to knit. I would love a copy of the pattern. It may take me some time to complete, but I am sure once I take a class, I can attempt it. 😃

  30. Looks lovely… I think I’ll join in and have a go! I’ve not previously had much success with sweaters (seem to have got stuck at hats) so am looking forward to trying the pattern.

    1. Brilliant! You are just the person that this was written for. Looking forward to getting started with the knitalong on Friday!

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