Coming soon – sewing and knitting patterns

Much of what I make is from homemade patterns. I love the freedom of being able to make exactly what I envisage. Until 2018, my sewing patterns have been in a single size, felt tipped onto scrappy bits of newspaper and stuck together with lots of sellotape – not exactly suitable for sharing. Nor were my knitting designs – rows of crossed out numbers in otherwise tidy notebooks.

However, thanks to so many people telling me that they wish they could buy the things I am wearing (and what a thrill that is to hear!) I have decided to start writing them up. Sewing patterns are steadily being graded and turned them into pdfs. Knitting patterns are being formalised and carefully rewritten for a range of sizes. My first collection, aimed at new sewers and knitters, will be coming out in September 2018. Look out for free patterns to let you dip your toe in the water, here, on Etsy, and on Ravelry.