Cecily’s diary entries are a blend of fact and fiction: her days are made up of much of the fabric of my everyday life, but the characters are fictional, as, of course, is the setting of events in the 1930s.

If Cecily claims to have made something, then it is something that I have made. My aim is to always link to other peoples’ patterns, recipes or ideas when they have inspired or informed my own creating. Similarly, if she claims to be playing a piece or reading a book, planning an outing or working in the garden, I am doing those things. Posts about holidays and days out are always based on places I have visited recently; I hope you find the links to the relevant websites useful.

Much of what I sew is from homemade patterns. These tend to be in a single size, felt tipped onto scrappy bits of newspaper and stuck together with lots of sellotape – not exactly suitable for sharing. However, I wholeheartedly recommend Winifred Aldrich’s metric pattern cutting for women’s wear, and also for menswear and children’s wear and babywear. All my limited knowledge of pattern cutting comes from these three books, and I love the freedom of being able to make exactly what I envisage. Needless to say, things don’t always turn out quite the way I had intended, but that’s all part of the journey.

The household, garden and hens are our own. I owe my hen house and moveable tractor to two lovely people who are very generous with their time and skills. I repay them in eggs, fruit, vegetables and all things woolly.

And finally…

All photographs and words published on the site are mine. Please feel free to link to any that you would like to. However, please do not help yourself to any of my writing or images without my permission. Simply leave a request in the comments, and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!


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