Hello, from 2018

Blogging as Cecily Graham used to be perfect for me. It’s tremendous fun, reimagining your life in a different era. I don’t think I’ll give her up entirely – the thirties is still a time I look upon with so much fondness, probably because so many of my favourite novels were written then. But after two years the format became somewhat limiting. There were things I wanted to write about that simply didn’t exist in the thirties. And there were elements of me that a nineteen thirties wife and mother simply couldn’t portray. Much as I love the era, I love the opportunities and freedom of the present even more.

Even so, I didn’t intend to stop blogging quite so abruptly, and for that I do apologise. I kept meaning to write a farewell post but never quite found the words. Quite a few things happened last August – nothing bad, I assure you – and as life morphs I find my horizons shifting. The world gets bigger every year, it seems, with new opportunities and more time to explore them.

I did miss this space, though. I missed curating this tiny corner of the internet, celebrating brief moments of Cecily’s days. Recently, reading through old posts, I was surprised by how much I’d forgotten. We did a lot of lovely things over those two years. We’ve done more since, and although I’m sorry that I didn’t share them here it was right, because a break and a change were in order. As Cecily’s voice felt increasingly limiting, I was gaining confidence in my own. It can be quite a frightening thing, putting yourself out there on the internet to be seen and judged by others. I’m always impressed by people who do that from the off. It’s taken me two and a half years to make that decision.

Rather than write a biography, I’d just like to set a few things straight. The rest will doubtless emerge bit by bit, but I don’t want people to be confused. Like Cecily, I am married but I have three children, not four. I always wanted four and so indulged Cecily in that regard. However, I’m going to keep writing about all four children as I found it an effective way of including what my kids were up to whilst muddying the waters enough to keep their lives truly private. I’ll also keep referring to my husband and other people by their fictional names. I work part time, and though I love my job I won’t be writing about it here. We live in York, and are lucky enough to have a house with a big garden for the hens and the veg patch and so forth. It’s my little bit of countryside on the edge of the city.

In case you’re wondering about the knitting in the photograph, it’s a Georgetown cardigan, knit out of my own handspun alpaca. (It still gives me a thrill to say that.) It’s lovely and soft, and a straightforward knit which is just what I’ve needed over the past couple of weeks. But I’m hoping to get it off the needles soon, in order to get back to another project that I can’t wait to share with you.

Which only leaves me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming back to read this post, and beg your forgiveness as I update the website and emails over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got lots and lots to do, but it’s so good to be back.

Madeleine x

12 thoughts on “Hello, from 2018”

  1. How lovely that you are back and sharing your life with us (both real and fictionalized). I have always enjoyed your posts for their creativity, domesticity, and sense of place/time.

    1. Thank you! It’s so nice to be back, and even nicer to get such lovely ‘welcome back’ comments. X

  2. Welcome back. I always save my read for the weekend. It’s a lovely treat to read something that appears in my inbox that is so well written and doesn’t require me to respond in any way. I loved your life in the thirties – a time when my much missed granny was a young woman, enjoying her life to the full. I love the fact you stop to enjoy life, something I don’t do enough and you prompt me to remember.

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! That’s such a lovely comment. I think writing this blog is part of what got me into the habit of stopping to enjoy the little things. I hope you enjoy your time off and have the chance to slow down and do the same. X

  3. I was so happy to see your update in my inbox. I love reading your posts, no matter the era, because you have a lovely style of writing. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you, Wendy, for such a lovely comment. I love writing and have missed it! I’m so looking forward to getting back into it. x

  4. Hi there, it’s nice to hear from you again. Welcome back! I enjoyed your previous format but can understand why you would want to try something different. I’m looking forward to following along whatever happens. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I don’t think I’ll abandon Cecily altogether, but intend to mix her up with some more modern posts too. Thanks for being so supportive. I’ve really enjoyed following your blog all along and missed taking part in last year’s winter project link party! x

  5. Hi there,so pleased to have you pop up when I opened my email. Looking forward to hearing all your news ( especially the woolly sort!) Take care. X

  6. Welcome back! I’ve always enjoyed your posts; the thirties are also one of my favorite times to read about and imagine how life was lived. I’m glad you’re continuing with the blog, and I’m looking forward to future posts. Thank you!

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